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On the 25th of August, I ordered a vrfm8 modulator from this company through e-bay.What the vrfm8 does is plays mp3's that are loaded on to a thumb drive through the car radio.

After owning one for several years, I got a lot of use out of it and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, It took a dump and I had to search for a new one. Walmart doesn't carry them anymore, so I went searching online. The only hit I got was on ebay through Luna Imports out of California.

The picture they show is the actual vrfm8. What they shipped me was something entirely different. A cheap imitation, shaped liked the real thing, but that's where the similarities ended. After calling the company, I was informed that I received the upgrade.

That insulted me. Paypal informed me that I could ship it back at my expense. After telling them I wasn't going to ship it at my expense, they deposited ten dollars in my account.It's still sitting there. Lets suppose that what I received was an upgrade, which is an outright lie, That's not what I ordered!

I've tried to reason with the company and they continue to play games. That tells me that they were and are running a scam all along. Incidentally, the upgrade has already begin to malfunction. That's Luna Imports, out of California.

You deal with them at your own risk!

They sell on ebay!Beware!!!

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I found them very helpful and polite, exchange a defective item after I had it 2 years no problems.

T Carle

I wish I had found this site before getting ripped of by these cowboys. Very poor quality products and even worse customer service. when I tried to get a refund I was actually called a name which I will not repeat.


I was ripped off by them too. They sent me a defective radio, I sent it back, now they won't fix it or respond to my emails.


I have also been ripped off. I paid for a vrfm9 I got a cheap imitation out of China. Do not buy anything from them!


Other than selling phony items, they certainly do!


We work very hard to make all customers 100% happy.However, occasionally we fail.

This must be considered a failure.

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